ImmPort Published

ImmPort published in Nature - Scientific Data!

Welcome to the ImmPort blog! This is our inaugural blog post and we are going to use this space to highlight our recent publication in Nature - Scientific Data. Whether you are one of our many dedicated and skilled data providers, experienced ImmPort shared data user or an ImmPort novice; we recommend you read the publication.

What sorts of information will you find in “ImmPort, toward repurposing of open access immunological assay data for translational and clinical research”? For starters, did you know ImmPort was funded as part of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation (NIAID-DAIT) implementation of the NIH Data Sharing policy – we help make data Findabile, Accessibile, Interoperabile and Reusable (FAIR)

We have worked closely with 35 data providers meaning you now have access to 325 studies of shared data from NIAID-funded programs as well as the March of Dimes and individual researchers. from nearly 70 clinical trials. How much data is that? ImmPort shared data about more than 50,000 subjects, over 33 different assay types, including flow cytometry and CyTOF, as well as 39 biosample types. Check out our data summary for more information

ImmPort’s data model evolved over years based on community feedback and experiences working with ImmPort data providers and consumers – it also looks like a fish.

When searching for shared data use the filter options to find data that most interests you. Wait, there is more! You will also read about the cool flow cytometry analysis tools in ImmPort Galaxy including MetaCyto and FLOCK.

Read the paper!