10,000 Immunomes Project Featured at Molecular DX Europe

In order to understand and study immune dysfunction, it is vital to understand how the immune system functions in healthy individuals. Dr. Sanchita Bhattacharya, ImmPort Scientific Program Director and Bioinformatics Project Leader at University of California San Francisco, presented on exactly this topic at the 7th International Molecular Diagnostics Europe conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Previously, immune assays had not been reproducibly characterized for a sufficiently large and diverse healthy human cohort. Dr. Bhattacharya discussed how the 10,000 Immunomes Project addresses this gap by providing subject-level immunology data for a large cohort of healthy individuals, made publicly available through ImmPort.

The 10,000 Immunomes dataset is comprised from over 10,000 control subjects in the ImmPort database. Available data includes flow cytometry, CyTOF, multiplex ELISA, gene expression, HAI titers, clinical lab tests, HLA type, and more. To access the data, visit the 10,000 Immunomes site within ImmPort and select the Visualize or Download tabs.