immTransplant: New Features to Explore Living Donor Outcomes

What conditions do living donors experience in the years following solid-organ donation? This is a question immTransplant seeks to understand using data from 27 clinical studies in the ImmPort database.

By providing this information in an open access format, researchers can leverage the data to understand which conditions living donors may experience up to 40 years down the road. Additionally, a trajectory network map shows relationships between conditions; for example, how frequently one condition progresses to another.

As part of Data Release 32, several new features are now available in immTransplant. Users can slice, dice, and visualize the data directly in immTransplant by clicking on the Sample Filter & Summary header. Also, an interactive trajectory network map for living kidney donors is available by clicking on Postdonation Clinical Observations for LKDs. Need some help getting started? The tutorial section provides a step by step guide for interacting with these new features.

For more information on immTransplant and an analysis of living kidney donor outcomes using immTransplant data, check out the paper “Assessment of Postdonation Outcomes in US Living Kidney Donors Using Publicly Available Data Sets,” published in JAMA Network Open.