ImmPort at FORCE2019: Edinbough, Scotland

Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Responsible (FAIR) data principals are at the core of ImmPort’s mission. This driving force intersects well with another force, FORCE11 that is, which stands for the Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship, a group founded in 2011 to “improve research practices by supporting innovations in the ways knowledge is created and shared across research disciplines, communities, sectors and timeframes.”

ImmPort’s own Scientific Program Director, Dr. Sanchita Bhattacharya @SanchitaB, was honored to share a poster presentation during FORCE11’s annual conference in Edinbough, Scotland. Sanchita is Bioinformatics Project Lead of the Bakar Institute of Computational Health Sciences, UCSF and works alongside ImmPort PI, Dr. Atul Butte @atulbutte, to advance ImmPort’s mission. Sanchita’s presentation provided an overview of ImmPort’s data structure, and highlighted how data is shared, disseminated, and repurposed via ImmPort from clinical and molecular research studies.

To learn more about how ImmPort performs these functions, check out this paper in the journal Scientific Data, “ImmPort, toward repurposing of open access immunological assay data for translational and clinical research.” Also, click here for tutorials and links about ImmPort’s data model, using ImmPort API’s, and more.