Data Release 33 Highlights: 22 New Studies & 21 Updated Studies

With 22 new studies and 21 updated studies, the latest release of ImmPort contains a wealth of high quality data, all free for re-use. This major release contains data from over 2,700 subjects and covers a wide range of research areas such as food allergies, organ and islet transplantation, lupus, HIV, chikungunya, and vaccine response for influenza and pertussis.

Of the 22 new studies, 6 come from the Consortium for Food Allergy Research (CoFAR) and contain data from 1,587 subjects. CoFAR was originally established in 2005, and subsequently renewed and expanded in 2010, after several promising clinical studies were conducted by CoFAR researchers.

The following new CoFAR studies are included in data release 33:

• SDY1513: Peanut Allergy Vaccine Study in Healthy and Peanut-allergic Adults

• SDY1514: An Observational Study of Childhood Food Allergy

• SDY1515: Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy

• SDY1519: Eosinophilic Esophagitis Databank

• SDY1520: Peanut Epicutaneous Immunotherapy

• SDY1550: Baked Egg or Egg Oral Immunotherapy for Children With Egg Allergy

Check out these studies and more from ImmPort collaborators by visiting the ImmPort shared data site here. ImmPort’s database now contains 413 studies from over 58,000 subjects! What will you discover?