New COVID-19 Data, Preterm Birth Data, and More

ImmPort’s latest shared data release contains high-quality immunology data covering a variety of focus areas, including new COVID-19 data, influenza-related data, an inflammatory arthritis study, and malaria vaccine-related clinical trial data. Additionally, there are 9 new studies related to preterm birth, spanning subject areas from the microbiome, to transcriptomic profiling, and more.

Studies shared during Data Release 37 include:

SDY1680 Flow Cytometry of T Cells from Hospitalized or Ambulatory Adults with Respiratory Viral Infections COVID-19 Cohort

SDY1631 The Roles of CD103 and CD49a in Adherence and Motility of CD8 T Cells

SDY1697 PPARa Exacerbates Necroptosis, Leading to Increased Mortality in Postinfluenza Superinfection

SDY1619 Study of Safety and Effectiveness of Intravenous Immunization with PfSPZ Vaccine in Healthy African Adults - Vaccine Safety Cohort

SDY1671 Study of Safety and Effectiveness of Intravenous Immunization with PfSPZ Vaccine in Healthy African Adults - Vaccine Efficacy and Placebo Cohorts

SDY1599 Synovial Fibroblast Positional Identity Controlled by Inductive Notch Signaling Underlies Pathologic Damage in Inflammatory Arthritis

SDY1646 43rd Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC-43)

SDY1684 Clinical and Immunological Metrics During Pediatric Rhesus Macaque Development

SDY1681 Derivation of Endometrial Gland Organoids from Term Placenta

SDY1686 Dissecting Maternal and Fetal Genetic Effects Underlying the Associations Between Maternal Phenotypes, Birth Outcomes, and Adult Phenotypes

SDY1692 High-throughput Quantitation of Serological Ceramides/Dihydroceramides by LC/MS/MS

SDY1693 The Association Between Vaginal Bacterial Composition and Miscarriage

SDY1679 Relaxed Constraint and Functional Divergence of Progesterone Receptor Gene

SDY1699 Vaginal Dysbiosis Increases Risk of PPROM, Neonatal Sepsis and is Exacerbated by Erythromycin

SDY1688 Computational Discovery of Therapeutic Candidates for Preventing Preterm Birth

SDY1701 Unique Transcriptomic Landscapes Identified in sPTB and Infection

For a detailed listing of all studies shared or updated through ImmPort’s latest release, please see ImmPort’s Data Release Notes.

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